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The Botox and Filler Industry

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In light of “RTE Investigates: Botox & Beauty At Any Cost” I think it’s important to continue this conversation…
Do I think they are correct in what they are saying… absolutely yes!
The beauty and aesthetics industry has changed vastly since I began my training in 2005 and in particular, it seems since Covid. So many people these days are having aesthetic injections done as a result of social media or because their friend has it done. Within the last few years, I have personally seen a rise in girls wanting to get into the injection business and flying to the UK to complete a week of aesthetic training when they have zero experience in the field and worse doing weekend courses! This is not ok.
Injecting yourself with an agent that paralyses muscle should not be taken lightly. Nor in my opinion, should it be administered by anyone other than a doctor or dentist or under the direction of a doctor.
I get it, the desire to look youthful and radiant, the desire to look like what is trending as beautiful across media, the lip fillers, the cheek fillers. I, myself, felt a social pressure to have Botox done when I hit my 30s and I’m glad I have not given in to that pressure. I think people can assume it’s a magic wand and that your skin is going to appear like a real-life filter.
It’s like wanting to take that one pill to fix it all and I’m sorry to say that does not exist! Anyone reputable injecting you will tell you it does not change the topical issues in your skin. It does not improve hydration, it does not clear acne. Being ‘consistent’ with how you look after yourself daily is the way forward. Being consistent with yourself and with what you use on your skin not only helps in its appearance but it helps in how you feel about yourself!
And if you feel better, you look better! Taking time to have a relaxing facial nourishes not only your skin but your soul!
If you choose to have this done there is no judgement but we would recommend you to be vigilant with who you go to. Is it in a medical practice? Is it a sterile environment? If something goes wrong can this person fix it? Can they prescribe to you if something goes wrong?
Remember beauty is more than skin deep. Let your inner beauty shine through. Do what brings you joy. Live to your personal values. Ask for support when you need it.
Maria x
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